Create powerful reports from anywhere in Microsoft Dynamics NAV — all in Excel.

Jet Reports for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business reporting tool which gives users a simple way to create high impact reports from their Microsoft Dynamics NAV ( including all add-on modules and third-party software solutions) business data from within the familiar Excel environment. Users will be able to harness Excel’s powerful analysis and charting capabilities using Jet Reports GL function and NL Tables function, as well as new innovative features to easily join data from multiple tables.  And Jet Reports Scheduler means you can automatically update your reports and distribute them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Jet Reports puts the power of business reporting at your fingertips. 
Jet Reports for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the reporting solution for your whole organization.

  • Management can wiew key performance metrics across all areas of the organization in real time. Track consolidated profit and loss by division and company and follow projected income compared to budget and forecasts.
  • Finance people is able to see detail profit and loss with updates on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis while staying on top of accounts receivable KPIs in terms of days outstanding, past collection performance and more.
  • Sales  can easily build product sheets that pull current pricing and specifications, and instantly update and release important changes. Create a sales forecast calendar that tracks sales on a monthly basis, with budget projections for future sales.
  • Marketing could analyze top customers' sales versus historical sales patterns on a monthly, quarterly and year-to-date basis. View sales information to follow product sales increases or declines by item, line or division and pinpoint product best sellers to target for promotion.
  • Operations can constantly view detailed production orders for purchasing and sales that are continually updated and monitored for status. Know exactly where inventory stock is located and compare with order flow.
  • IT can work on higher-level IT projects thanks to the fact that Jet Reports is all Excel and virtually self service!
  • And everyone can easily create high-impact reports with no special training or expertise for their team, management and clients. Consolidate information and schedule it for automatic release.

Any report. Any way. Right Now.