Microsoft Office 365 + ERP

Still dreaming of one day getting a new system that will help you improve your company’s financial efficiency, generate timely reports, and comply with BIR regulations?  Have you been postponing that move due to budget restriction or limited IT knowledge and infrastructure?  

Dream no more…. You don’t have to be stuck with your limiting accounting tool or your soooooooo redundant manual system. 

O365+ERP is all-in-one solution for small companies. An integration of 2 powerful application - Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dymics NAV. 

  1. Frees you from high capital expenditure – no need to buy and maintain servers and software. 
  2. Gets you up and running in less than a month.
  3. Helps manage not only your accounting but your entire organization.
  4. Generates the reports that you need for easy decision making and BIR compliance.
  5. Gives you familiar tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook to drive productivity.
  6. Promotes collaboration and reduce communication expense thru Lync’s and Skype’s instant message, voice calls, video calls and online meeting.
  7. Allows you to work mobile and from any device (PC, Mac, Window’s Tablet, iPads, and most mobile devices.)
  8. Let you work efficiently even with limited IT support or knowledge in your organization.
  9. Provides you the latest version of the software. No more worries about annual maintenance plan and obsolescence.
  10. Gives you the tools that big companies use for a low monthly fee (Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Dynamics NAV). 

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