PASI Customer Referral Program

Welcome to our Customer Referral Program!

Know a company planning to automate their business operations? Or would like to upgrade or move to a better system? Refer them to us and get a chance to win cool prizes which we will announce every quarter.


Program Mechanics:

  1. The referral program is open only to all PASI existing customers.
  2. There are two ways to submit or refer a prospect

Option 1:  Submit via email. Email  the information below to

The following information should be submitted:

  1. Company name
  2. Contact Person
  3. Designation of Contact person
  4. Contact Nos. (Phone/ Mobile Nos.)
  5. Email Address
  6. Requirement (Financial, Supply Chain, Manufacturing,  Mobility, Hospitality System, Tenancy Management System, others)

Option 2: Submit online. Register thru our website :

  1. PASI’s marketing team shall call the prospect and verify information. Once verified, the client will receive an email from PASI confirming enrolment of the prospect to the referral program.
  2. A prospective company can only have one referrer. Only the first referrer will qualify.
  3. Once the deal is closed with prospective company, client can now expect to receive the referral prize.  A deal is closed when prospective company has signed the contract and made initial payment to PASI.
  4. Every quarter PASI will release a list of prizes. Prizes may range from electronic gadgets, home appliances, gift certificates and cash prizes.
  5. There is no limitation to the number of prospective companies a customer can refer. Refer as many companies as you can to get more cool prizes.


For more information, please contact: Jenny R. Caparros at 0928.550.5146 • 0932. 727.7082 •