NAV for Mining Industry

Mining industry faces various demands from government regulations to changing market conditions. It is always a challenge for mining companies to optimize processes to reduce cost of production while ensuring regulatory compliance.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers powerful comprehensive business management capabilities that provide the increased control, streamlined operations, and insight needed to improve profitability and, ultimately, support your business as it grows.

Mining Solution Bundle

  • Plant Maintenance - is a complete solution for machinery and equipment maintenance enabling organization to efficiently improve and sustain life of its assets. Thus, avoiding idle time by accurate production scheduling, and preventing unexpected breakdowns by scheduling preventive and predictive maintenance tasks, all crucial aspects for the optimum business performance.
  • Financial Management - efficiently manage fixed assets, cash flow and collections. Works with multiple currencies, locations, legal entities, or companies
  • Supply Chain Management -  improve responsiveness to market opportunities by efficiently working with your suppliers and customers.
  • Manufacturing Management - reduce cost of production by improving supply and capacity planning and ensuring goods are produced on time.
  • NAVOnWeb - mobile solution to help employees in the field to access and process real-time data remotely.


Download NAV for MIning Fact Sheet