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Traditional brick and mortar shops are severely challenged today with the proliferation and customer acceptance of online stores. Providing a good in-store customer experience is ever important in today’s market place. To do this, retailers need to have access to reliable store information real time. DynamicTrak is an affordable traffic counting solution that provides retailers with a straightforward, easy to use platform to access in-store traffic data. With DynamicTrak, store owners can view store traffic counts from anywhere, at any time.

Say goodbye to your manual traffic counters.

Traffic Data Valuable Insights

  1. Track and understand your store’s foot traffic versus actual sales
  2. Track Marketing campaign effectiveness
  3. Analyze historical traffic trends
  4. Create a better staff schedule Improve customer experience
  5. Monitor store efficiency
  6. Direct integration with LS Retail NAV POS/LS Central. 

Easy on the budget,
easy on maintenance

  1. No hardware cost
  2. No maintenance
  3. Self installed. Up and running in less than 30 minutes.
  4. Access information real time

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