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Retail has changed dramatically and technology played a big role in this disruption.  Customers are more demanding than ever as wide variety of retailers are made available by a click of mobile phone. Omni-channel retail is a major part of business today: customers around the world increasingly want to be able to access their favorite brands, get information and shop through a variety of channels. E-commerce sales continue to grow rapidly. Mobility is expected not just outside the store, through apps and loyalty schemes, but also inside the shop itself.

Businesses need to manage different channels which often are in different platforms. This produces myriad of problems as different software cannot communicate properly, creating inconsistent data, waste of time and uncontrolled costs.

With LS Central, retailers are confident they will be able to meet all the challenges today and beyond. LS Central is a flexible, highly scalable software solution used by thousands of retail companies and restaurants worldwide. 

Retailers need to keep with technology
or become obsolete

Simplify with LS Central

Simple and fast

LS Central is fast to implement and quick to learn. Empower management and staff by giving them all the tools they need to serve customers in as few clicks as possible.

For retail and hospitality

Do you also run a café or restaurant in your retail stores? Then LS Central is the perfect choice for you. The system is specifically designed to run retail and hospitality businesses in one single system, offering all the tools you need to make your job easier.

From head office to shop floor

LS Central, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is an integrated end-to-end system; therefore, the POS, back office and head office all use the same application. This enables you to track individual transactions from the POS to the general ledger, and maximize your control over the business.

Total control across the channels

LS Central offers total channel integration. This means you can track sales, stock and productivity live on all your channels. Get a holistic view of your customers, orders and business and always be on top of all activities taking place in-store, on the e-commerce platform and on mobile.

What you need to know when buying a POS solution

In this digital age, old simple POS solution is not anymore enough. Retailers need a POS solution that can bring together the information, processes and knowledge that sales associates and cashiers need to deliver a truly personalized experience.

Identify 8 important things you need to consider when buying  POS solution. Download Free E-Book.

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LS NAV is now LS Central

LS Retail’s popular unified commerce solution LS Nav is now LS Central. Built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, LS Central carries forward all of the benefits of LS Nav, maintaining the features of that system while adding even more in-depth industry functionality. LS Central allows for in-cloud, on-premises, as well as hybrid implementations.

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